From the Editor : Welcome to our Labour & Delivery Edition

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labour and deliveryWelcome to our Labour & Delivery Edition. To all the mommies and daddies with young school-going children, how’s the school holidays coming along? What are your plans for your kids this season? Are you taking them for a nice holiday or enrolling them in some exciting school holiday programmes?

Regardless of the choices, we hope you are having a blast and that your children are getting some great relaxing time off and also some activities that can help develop their minds.

For our parents-to-be on the other hand, we have an exciting edition for you in with this newsletter, where we will be talking about all things that are important for your labour and delivery process. We know that most of you mommies-to-be will be nervous about the pain and difficulty of labour, therefore we have some amazing exercise tips that you can adopt while pregnant that can help ease your delivery.

Besides that, one of the most common questions asked during labour and delivery is whether you can eat or drink? The answer is yes and to that effect,we also have some great tips on what you should and should not eat while waiting to deliver your baby.

On the medical front, we have a good article on understanding and identifying Post Partum Haemorrhage and whether this condition can be avoided. Finally, for those who are not sure when they would start to go into labour, we have a great article on how to identify the signs that you are in labour.

Well.. that’s all from us this edition. We hope you enjoy the issue. Do keep an eye out for more exciting content from our Facebook page or website.  Or if you have any questions do drop us a line at [email protected]

Have a great week moms and dads!
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