What is New in Contraception?

Options of contraception for the today’s modern women have broadened in order to adept to the hectic modern women’s lifestyle. The newer range of contraception offers ease of usage, convenience, reliability and at a reasonable price. Below I have listed several newer contraception options for you:-

Contraceptive Patch
This contraceptive patch is an alternative to the combined oral contraceptive pill. A small patch is applied to the skin for weekly for 3 weeks and removed for 1 week. It requires a prescription from the doctor. Continuous hormone containing estrogen and progestin is released into the bloodstream. It has 99% effectiveness when used correctly. You could read further at the following topic on contraceptive patch.
Vaginal Ring  
The vaginal ring contraceptive device is inserted for 3 weeks and then removed after 1 week. It has similar side effects as the oral contraceptive pill. You also require a prescription from the doctor for this contraception. It is 98% effective when used correctly. You could read further at the following topic Vaginal Ring.
Hormonal Intrauterine system
This type of contraceptive is a device inserted into the womb which releases continuous progesterone hormone. This convenient contraception could last for up to 5 years and it is 99% effective. In addition, it makes your menses lighter and less painful. However, you may experience irregular menses initially. You could read further at the following topic Hormonal Intrauterine system.

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