What should I expect during a Caesarean Section?

A catheter will be inserted into your bladder before the operation start. This will remain in place for about 24 hours after the operation to help you empty your bladder. A fluid drip going through a plastic tube will be placed into your arm.
The anaesthetist would discuss the two types of anaesthetic for the operation. The general anaethesia, which was the convention way of putting you to sleep, is generally not widely practice anymore due to the higher complications of failed intubation and gastric reflux causing problems to the lungs. An epidural, which is more commonly practiced is an epidural or spinal anaesthesia. This involves numbing your tummy down to your legs and you will be awake during the operation. There are many advantages with this type of anaesthesia, apart from avoiding the complications of general anaesthesia, many women feel that they were able to participate in the childbirth process by having an epidural anaesthesia. Depending on the set up of the place of your operation, some places may allow your partner to be with you throughout the process of Caesarean section

Your tummy will be cleaned with an antibacterial solution and is then covered with a sterile sheet once your tummy is adequately numbed for the operation. You will usually have a small cut above the bikini line. It usually takes about 15 minutes to deliver your baby. The cord is cut and the baby is routinely checked over quickly. The baby will then be brought either for you to hold, or given to your partner. It takes about 45 minutes to sew up the wound and your tummy.


Video on Caesarean Section:

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