Medical Conditions in the Newborn

Understanding Colic and Your Baby

By : Dr. Khoo Boo Aik Consultant Paediatrician and Neonatologist Sunway Medical Centre MD UKM MRCPCH UK AM MAL ... Read more

G6PD Deficiency

1. What is G6PD deficiency? It is an inherited and life-long condition in which our body does not have enough enzymes called... Read more

Gastro-oesophageal Reflux (GOR)

1. What is reflux? Sudden and effortless return of small volumes of gastric content into the esophagus and mouth also... Read more


1. What is diarrhea? Increase in frequency of unformed or watery stools. 2. What causes diarrhea? Mostly due to infection... Read more

Common Digestive Problems in the Newborn

Gastrointestinal discomfort or digestive problems such as diarrhea regurgitation reflux constipation and colic are very... Read more

Jaundice in the Newborn

BMSc Hons 1987 University of Dundee MBChB 1991 University of Dundee MRCP 1995 Royal College of Physicians MRCPCH ... Read more

Enhancing your Child’s Immunity

Written by: Dr George Ting Consultant Paediatrician at Normah Medical Specialist Centre Today parents frequently ask about... Read more

How do I reduce the risk of Allergies for my Newborn

1 . Why is it important to know about risk of allergies in your newborn? Allergy is an abnormal over-reaction of the body ... Read more