Post Partum Care


Looking after yourself after the baby is born

Confinement is the worse time of my life. I can still cope with pregnancy and childbirth but during confinement I... Read more

DIY Bootcamp Workout for the Busy Mommy

Who says you can't have a great body without spending alot of money on slimming products or going to the gym? Did you know... Read more

Understanding Post Partum Depression

I love my baby. So why do I feel so blue? You've just given birth to a wonderful baby and everyone's ecstatic. Everyone ... Read more

Confinement Care

By Gina Yong CEO of Bonda Villa Confinement Centre. Confinement care is an age-old necessity for many cultures. The... Read more

Exercise After Your Delivery

You have had your baby and you want your flat tummy back Re-alignment and re-training the abdominals safely and effectively... Read more

Cervical Smear & Cervical Cancer Prevention

When should I do the Pap smear test after delivery? Ideally you should have a medical check up with your doctor 6 8... Read more

Postpartum Blues & Depression

What is post partum blues ? Is it common? Post partum mood disorders could be divided into three categories i.e post... Read more

Get Back That Sexy Mamma! How to loose the baby fat!

What are the tips for me to loose weight after delivery? Do not be in a drastic hurry to reduce all those weight. Remember... Read more

Recovery after a Vaginal Delivery

What should I expect after a vaginal birth? After delivery at the hospital the doctors and nurses will continue to monitor... Read more

Cervical cancer screening

I have just had my baby and during my postnatal check my doctor mentioned that I should have a cervical smear. What is a... Read more
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