Breast Feeding

Breast Feeding for your babies

Dr Tan Ee Ping MBBS Malaya MRCOG UK Consultant obstetrician & gynaecologist Pantai Hospital Ampang Kuala Lumpur ... Read more

How do I reduce the risk of Allergies for my Newborn

1 . Why is it important to know about risk of allergies in your newborn? Allergy is an abnormal over-reaction of the body ... Read more

Breastfeeding – anytime, anywhere!!!

1 Knowing Your Rights Remember breastfeeding is your right and more importantly your baby s It''s just another... Read more

Nutrition During Breast Feeding

1. Why is it important to maintain good and balanced nutrition while breast feeding? This is to ensure that you are able... Read more

Medications and Breast Feeding

1. What are the general rule for medications and breast feeding? Most drugs are safe if they are commonly prescribed for... Read more

Suppression of Breast Milk

What are some of the reasons that may need suppression of breast milk? Loss of baby i.e death inside womb during or after... Read more

Increase Your Breast Milk

1. How do I increase my breast milk? There are many tips of increasing your breast milk:... Read more

Expression of Breast Milk

1. What is expression of breast milk? This is the act of collecting milk from your breast either by hand or using an... Read more

Infant Formula

What is an infant milk formula? Formula milk is an artificial substitute for breast milk. It is altered to mimic human milk... Read more

Why Breast Feed?

There are many benefits of breast feeding as listed below: Packed with nutrients which is perfectly balanced Easily digested... Read more
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