Why Breast Feed?


There are many benefits of breast feeding as listed below:
    • Packed with nutrients which is perfectly balanced
    • Easily digested and absorped
    • No need preparation time
    • Contains antibodies to improve the baby’s immune system. This protects your baby from respiratory, gastrointestinal and ear infections.
    • Protects your baby from developing food or respiratory allergies
    • Helps mother loose the weight gained during pregnancy
    • Helps increase the bond between mother and child
    • Releases oxytocin hormone in the mother which is a feel good hormone and reduces the risk of bleeding post partum.
    • Increases your baby’s intelligence as breast milk contains fatty acid which is essential for brain development
    • Protects preemies from developing high blood pressure and infections
    • Reduces your risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer
    • Best of all it is free of charge!


You need to breast feed for at least 6 months after delivery to get the full benefits mentioned above.

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