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Post Partum Care

Looking after yourself after the baby is born

Confinement is the worse time of my life. I can still cope with pregnancy and childbirth but during confinement I... Read more

DIY Bootcamp Workout for the Busy Mommy

Who says you can't have a great body without spending alot of money on slimming products or going to the gym? Did you know... Read more

Understanding Post Partum Depression

I love my baby. So why do I feel so blue? You've just given birth to a wonderful baby and everyone's ecstatic. Everyone ... Read more

From the Editor : Celebrating the Millennial Moms!

Hey there parents and parents to be Welcome to another exciting edition of the Pitter Patter newsletter. Do expect some... Read more

Top 3 tips for Keeping Your Marriage Alive

Tip 1: Have time alone as a couple With most couples after the birth of the baby the only time they are together as a... Read more

Contraception Myths and Truths

Perfect use of a condom has one of the highest success rates of contraception - but how many of us really know how to use a... Read more

Confinement Care

By Gina Yong CEO of Bonda Villa Confinement Centre. Confinement care is an age-old necessity for many cultures. The... Read more

Natural family planning method

What is natural family planning? This is a method that uses the normal changes that occur in your body to determine your... Read more

Breast Feeding for your babies

Dr Tan Ee Ping MBBS Malaya MRCOG UK Consultant obstetrician & gynaecologist Pantai Hospital Ampang Kuala Lumpur ... Read more

How do I reduce the risk of Allergies for my Newborn

1 . Why is it important to know about risk of allergies in your newborn? Allergy is an abnormal over-reaction of the body ... Read more
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