After Delivery

Breast Feeding


Post Partum Care

Morning After Pills

1. What is morning after pill? Morning after pill is a form of emergency contraception method that is used the prevent... Read more

Contraceptive Patch

1. What is a contraceptive patch? It is a birth control method consisting of a patch applied to the skin... Read more


1. What is Depo-provera? It is a birth control method which is given as an intramuscular injection 3... Read more

Vaginal Ring

1. What is a vaginal ring? Vaginal ring is a type of hormonal contraception which consists of a flexible ... Read more

Hormonal Implants

1. What is a hormonal implant? It is a form of hormonal contraception in which a small flexible rod ... Read more

Progesterone Only Pills

1. What is a progesterone only pill POP ? It is a type of birth control pill that contains only the... Read more

Combined Oral Contraceptive Pills

1. What is the pill? What is COCP? The pill is a birth control method consisting of synthetic hormones... Read more


1. What is spermicide? Spermicide is a type of contraception that usually comes in the form of jelly foam or cream. It... Read more

Cervical Cap & Diaphragm

1. What is cervical cap and diaphragm? How does it work to prevent pregnancy? Cervical cap and diaphragm are barrier... Read more

Male & Female Condom

1. What are male condoms? Male condom are sheaths that cover the erect penis during sexual intercourse. It... Read more
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