Cervical Cap & Diaphragm




1.  What is cervical cap and diaphragm? How does it work to prevent pregnancy?

Cervical cap and diaphragm are barrier methods of contraception. It covers the neck of the womb i.e cervix to prevent the sperm meeting with the egg. Vaginal diaphragm is a circular dome which is made out of thin, soft latex or silicone. Cervical cap is much smaller in size and also made from latex or silicone.
2.         What is the effectiveness of cervical cap and diaphragm?
If used correctly, it is 92 – 96% effective i.e 4 – 8 women out of 100 in a year will get pregnant using this method of contraception. The cervical cap and diaphragm needs to be used with a spermicide which are chemical that kills sperm.
3.         What are the advantages of this method of contraception?
  • You only need to use it when you have sex. It is convenient, you could put it in just before sex.
  • It has no serious side effects.
  • It is reusable
  • It is small and easy to carry
4.          What are the disadvantages of this method of contraception?
  • You need to learn how to insert it
  • Some people find using the spermicide messy
  • Some people are allergic to latex. Consider using silicone instead.
  • Could cause recurrent bladder infection
  • May need to be resized following pregnancy or miscarriage.
5.          In which women is this method of contraception not so suitable?
  • Sensitive or allergic to latex.
  • Have a cervix which is unusual in shape or the position is very difficult to reachRecurrent cystitis i.e bladder infection
  • Have a vaginal infection.
  • History of sexually transmitted disease or inflammation of the cervix.
  • Have weak vaginal muscle that it could not hold a cervical cap or diaphragm.


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