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Chickenpox in Pregnancy

1. What is chickenpox and can I catch it during my pregnancy? Chickenpox varicella is an illness caused by a virus called... Read more

Understanding the blood tests you need during pregnancy

Blood tests are a routine part of antenatal care. A variety of blood tests are done by doctors and healthcare providers at... Read more

Pregnancy & Exercise: The Myths and the Facts

Times have certainly changed. Pregnancy used to be a time when the expectant mum was told to put her feet up eat enough for... Read more

Trying to get pregnant

Dr Natasha shared on tips of getting pregnant in this video clip: http: Read more

Stages of Pregnancy

Dr Helena Lim shared with us the various stages of pregnancy in this special video: http: Read more

Symptoms & Signs of Early pregnancy

Join Dr Natasha & Sazzy Falak on this special video clip on symptoms & signs of early pregnancy: http: Read more

Announcing your pregnancy

The lines on the home pregnancy kits are unmistakable and a trip to your doctor has just confirmed it - you're pregnant ... Read more

Fasting and Pregnancy

Many women choose to fast in pregnancy due to their personal beliefs or religious commitments. Festivals in which it is... Read more

Can diet (among other things) determine the sex of your baby?

If you're yearning to conceive a baby boy can it really be as easy as eating breakfast cereal and a potassium-rich diet to... Read more

Understanding Cancer During Pregnancy

Medical experts have long pointed to the fact that while smoking has been directly linked to causing lung cancer eating... Read more
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