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Are you in advanced stage of pregnancy and beginning to wonder how your labour is going to be? Dr Helena Lim shares with... Read more

Four Exercises to Ease Delivery

No one not your doctor midwife or even your mother can reliably predict how your labor will progress. Fortunately ... Read more

The Do’s & Dont’s of Eating and Drinking During Labour

Is it safe to drink and eat during labour? Yes. Most women feel hungry and thirsty during labour especially in the early... Read more

Understanding Hypertension and Pregnancy

What is hypertension? Can I have it in pregnancy? Hypertensive disorders in pregnancy are a major cause of maternal ... Read more

From the Editor : Celebrating the Millennial Moms!

Hey there parents and parents to be Welcome to another exciting edition of the Pitter Patter newsletter. Do expect some... Read more

Pain Relief During Childbirth

Pain during childbirth is one of those things that frequently ranks highly on lists of 'Most Painful Experiences' and for... Read more

Induction of Labour : What are the complications?

Induction of labour can be associated some complications: 1 Induction of labour may fail leading to... Read more

Induction of labour : What to expect?

What expectations should I have about induction of labour? Your midwife or obstetrician should explain to you why you are... Read more

Induction of labour

What is induction of labour? Induction of labour is when the labour process was started artificially though medical... Read more

Stages of labour

There are three stages of labour: i The first stage of labour It is defined as the onset of labour until the... Read more
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