Symptoms in Pregnancy

Trying to get pregnant

Dr Natasha shared on tips of getting pregnant in this video clip: http: Read more

Stages of Pregnancy

Dr Helena Lim shared with us the various stages of pregnancy in this special video: http: Read more

Symptoms & Signs of Early pregnancy

Join Dr Natasha & Sazzy Falak on this special video clip on symptoms & signs of early pregnancy: http: Read more

Understanding Hypertension and Pregnancy

What is hypertension? Can I have it in pregnancy? Hypertensive disorders in pregnancy are a major cause of maternal ... Read more

Vaginal discharge

Is it more common to have vaginal discharge during pregnancy? Yes during pregnancy the hormonal changes in your body will... Read more

Stretch Marks and other pregnancy skin changes

What are the common skin changes that occur in pregnancy and is there anything I could do about it? There are several... Read more

Swelling in Pregnancy

Is it common to have swelling during pregnancy? Yes it is common to have swelling during pregnancy due to the normal... Read more

Numbness of the Hands

Why am I having numbness in my hands? Most likely the cause is Carpal Tunnel syndrome. Women who suffer from this condition... Read more

Morning sickness

What is morning sickness? Morning sickness is one of the early symptoms of pregnancy where pregnant women will experience... Read more


What is migraine headache? Migraine headache is a type of headache which occurs due to blood vessels dilating in the brain.... Read more
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