Symptoms in Pregnancy

Leg cramps

Is it more common to have leg cramps in pregnancy? Why is this so? Yes about half of all pregnant women will suffer from... Read more


Is it common to have difficulty in sleeping at night insomnia during pregnancy? Yes unfortunately it is relatively common... Read more


What is a haemorrhoid? Haemorrhoids are basically swollen veins varicose vein at your rectum area. Symptoms range from... Read more


What are the symptoms associated with heart burn in pregnancy? Burning sensation in the chest going up to the neck. Hot ... Read more

Headache in Pregnancy

Is it more common to have headache in pregnancy? It is not uncommon to have headache in pregnancy especially in the first... Read more

Gum bleeding and swelling

Are there any changes that occur to my gums during pregnancy? During pregnancy due to the changes in hormones especially... Read more


Is dizziness common in pregnancy? It is not uncommon to have dizziness during pregnancy. Due to hormonal changes during... Read more


Is constipation common in pregnancy? Yes unfortunately constipation is common in pregnancy. Up to 30 40 of pregnant... Read more

Breathlessness during Pregnancy

What causes breathlessness in pregnancy? Breathlessness is actually common in pregnancy especially in the third trimester... Read more

Breast changes during pregnancy

Why are there breast changes during pregnancy? During pregnancy there will be changes in your breasts due to your hormones... Read more
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