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Breast Feeding


Post Partum Care

Increase Your Breast Milk

1. How do I increase my breast milk? There are many tips of increasing your breast milk:... Read more

Expression of Breast Milk

1. What is expression of breast milk? This is the act of collecting milk from your breast either by hand or using an... Read more

Infant Formula

What is an infant milk formula? Formula milk is an artificial substitute for breast milk. It is altered to mimic human milk... Read more

Why Breast Feed?

There are many benefits of breast feeding as listed below: Packed with nutrients which is perfectly balanced Easily digested... Read more

Withdrawal Method

1. What is 'withdrawal method' of contraception? This is a method of contraception where the male partner pulls out his... Read more


1. What is abstinence? Abstinence simply means refraining from having sexual intercourse. You must also restrain... Read more

Natural/ Rhythm Method

Please refer to the section on Natural Family Planning method. There is another two newer version based on the Natural... Read more

Intrauterine System

1. What is the intrauterine system IUS ? This is a method of contraception consisting of a small T-shaped... Read more

Copper Intrauterine Device

1. What is copper IUD? Copper IUD is a method of contraception in which a small plastic and copper device is placed... Read more

Copper Intrauterine Device as Emergency Contraception

What is a copper intrauterine device IUD ? It is a small device made out of copper which is inserted inside your womb. It... Read more
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