Natural/ Rhythm Method




Please refer to the section on Natural Family Planning method.

There is another two newer version based on the Natural Family Planning method
i) Standard Days method
This is a simplified method of the Fertility Awareness-based method. It helps women prevent pregnancy by counting her fertile period. However, this method could only be used by women with regular 26 – 32 days cycle. Using the method, the woman simply has to avoid having sex from Day 8 – 19 of her menstrual cycle to prevent pregnancy. The effectiveness rate of this contraception method could be up to 95%. A colour – coded string of beads called Cycle Beads could be used to help women remember their fertile days.
ii) TwoDays method  
This is a simple newer version ‘Cervical mucus’ method which uses the changes in her cervical mucus to predict her fertile period. In this method, if the women notice any vagina secretions on the previous day or today, she should avoid having sexual intercourse as she may be fertile today. So, if the women noticed NO secretions yesterday and today (i.e two days in a row) then she could have sexual intercourse as she may not be fertile. This method could be up to 96% effective1 and could be used by women who have longer than 32 days or less than 26 days menstrual cycle. However, proper training with a trained health care provider is required prior to effective usage of this method.

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