1.       What is abstinence?
Abstinence simply means refraining from having sexual intercourse. You must also restrain from activity that may involve exchange of bodily fluids such as rubbing the penis onto the female genital area as even without penetration this could occasionally result in pregnancy.
2.          What is the effectiveness of this method of contraception?
This is 100% effective!
3.           Why should someone choose abstinence?
  • To practice safe sex especially if you are still a teenager, unmarried, not in a steady relationship or not ready to have children yet.
  • For moral or religious purposes.
  • Pursue career and further study.

To avoid pregnancy and other hazardous sexually transmitted disease such as syphilis, HIV and hepatitis.

4.         What are the advantages of abstinence?

  • Prevents unwanted pregnancy.
  • Prevents sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Reduces emotional and psychological burdens related to sexually activity in a relationship.

5.          What are the disadvantages of abstinence?

  • You need strong will power!
To those wanting to practice abstinence try taking steps to prevent you from being alone with your partner for example doing activities together in a group or minimize physical contact with each other as much as possible.


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