1. What is spermicide?
Spermicide is a type of contraception that usually comes in the form of jelly, foam or cream. It prevents pregnancy by killing sperms.
2. What is the effectiveness of spermicide in preventing pregnancy?
It has a failure rate of 25% rate. Hence, spermicides alone are not considered an effective method of contraception. It is usually used with caps, diaphragms or condoms.
3. What are the advantages of using spermicide?
  • It has a good effectiveness when used in combination with other suitable methods of contraception
  • Easily accessible
  • Easy to carry
4. What are the disadvantages of using spermicide?
  • Some people may develop allergic reaction to the spermicide. Symptoms include burning, itchiness or rashes.
  • It is messy
  • It does not protect against sexually transmitted disease (STD)
  • Must be inserted ideally 20 minutes prior to each sexually intercourse.

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