Suppression of Breast Milk

  1. What are some of the reasons that may need suppression of breast milk?
  • Loss of baby i.e death inside womb, during or after birth
  • Mother taking medications that is not suitable for breast feeding
  • Mother has HIV i.e not recommended to breast feed
  • Mother does not wish to breast feed e.g giving the child up for adoption
  1. How do I suppress my breast milk?
  • Let the milk dry up naturally
  • Wear a firm supporting bra
  • Do not bind your breasts
  • Avoid massaging your breast or expression of breast milk as this stimulates breast milk production.
  • You could take some pain killers such as panadol if your breasts feels sore.
  • If necessary you could wear nursing pads if some of the breast milk leaks out.
  • You may need to relieve some of your discomfort by expressing some of your milk.
  • Talk to your doctor regarding prescribing you a medication to suppress your breast milk
  • Use could apply cabbage leaves compresses on your breasts to relieve discomfort associated with breast engorgement. Buy plain green cabbage. Rinse and dry leaves. Store it in the fridge. Remove base of hard core vein then pound them gently. Apply the leaves to the breast and areola leaving the nipples expose. Leave them on for 20 minutes. Do this twice/day.

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