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Encouraging Outdoor Play and Its Positive Effects

By Dr. Khoo Boo Aik Consultant Paediatrician Sunway Medical Centre While most parents were brought up with the fun and... Read more

Nurturing Natural Healthy Eaters

By Indra Balaratnam Consultant Dietitian Children s nutrition status is one of the main factors doctors look at to... Read more

Eliminating Nature Deficit Disorder in Children

By Alex Lui an Lieh Lecturer & Clinical Psychologist Department of Psychology Faculty of Behavioural Sciences HELP... Read more

The practice of loving our children

Love is the foundation on which every practice of good parenting is built. There is no denying that all facets of... Read more

Understanding Why Babies Cry

By Jennifer Hor Midwife and International Certified Trainer and Therapist Jenlia Maternity Services Parenting Educator ... Read more

PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: Bridging the Gender Gap

Are boys and girls interested in the same kinds of physical activity? Do all boys like hockey and all girls like dance?... Read more

The Real Difference Between Boys and Girls

While many new age parents are starting to break away from identifying their children with gender specific interests sex... Read more

Similarities and Differences Between Boys and Girls

Gender differences in cognitive social and personal characteristics have been investigated since the early 1900s. Research... Read more

Getting Kids to Eat Vegetables: Four Tried and True Tips

If eating vegetables is one of your toddler s least-favorite activities right up there with sharing toys and taking no... Read more

Reconnecting with Nature : Why Your Kids Need to Head Back Outdoors

Remember playing outside until mom called you in for dinner? Today s kids probably won t. In the last two decades ... Read more
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