Parenting Skills

How do you teach children to lose without losing a wobbly?

Winning and losing are very much part of life and as such it is important that we teach our children to win and lose... Read more

Raising a Money Savvy Child

1 Why do we need to instill the value of money to our children? Many children do not understand the value of money. Their... Read more

Parenthood, the most demanding job of all

Let us take a moment and give a big applause to all parents out there. The ones who actually do their best every day to take... Read more

Choosing a Kindergarten

It is time of the year again for anxious parents to scout for suitable kindergarten for the little ones. There are many... Read more

1-2-3, What is your discipline method?

Belle 2.5 years old : I want to watch DVD. Mum: Honey it is way past your bed time. Tomorrow. Belle: I want to. Mum: Belle... Read more

Self confidence and our little ones

By Eleni Sarantinou Life Coach NLP Trainer Waving goodbye to my own kids this morning the word... Read more
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