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Choosing Your Obstetrician

Choosing your obstetrician could be a daunting task as you would like to have someone that you trust and get along well with... Read more

Why should I have an antenatal check up?

Antenatal care was initially introduced in 1913 to reduce and prevent adverse events for both mother and baby. This is done... Read more

What happens at the antenatal check up?

Your first antenatal visit is called your booking visit. This is the most important antenatal visit as gives your doctor the... Read more

How much weight gain can I expect?

How much weight gain is normal during pregnancy? You are expected to gain approximately 25 35 lbs 11 16kg in... Read more

Booking for an antenatal class

What is an antenatal class? Antenatal class is a teaching session that you attend during pregnancy to help you prepare for... Read more

What Supplementation Do I Need during Pregnancy?

Providing that early extra advantage your baby needs for a healthy future Nutrition during pregnancy is important as you... Read more

Preparing for your Big DAY! : Tips for Every Woman

Dr Wong Pak Seng MD UKM MRCOG London MMed O& G Malaya Fellow in Infertility & Reproductive Medicine London ... Read more

Cord Blood Banking

Cord blood banking is gaining popularity across the world recently and the trend is also catching up in Malaysia. Cord blood... Read more

Emotional Changes During Pregnancy

Is it common to have mood swings during pregnancy? What is this due to? Yes unfortunately it is relatively common to have... Read more

Dental Care during pregnancy

As I child my mom told me that the reason she has to wear dentures is because she loose all her teeth during her pregnancy.... Read more
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