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What is preeclampsia? Preeclampsia is diagnosed when you have high blood pressure during pregnancy 140 90mm Hg with... Read more

Gestational Hypertension

What is gestational hypertension? Gestational hypertension is diagnosed by your doctor if you develop high blood pressure of... Read more

Chronic Hypertension

What is hypertension in pregnancy? Hypertension or high blood pressure is diagnosed when your blood pressure is 140 90... Read more

Epilepsy in Pregnancy

I have epilepsy and thinking of getting pregnant soon. What should I do? Women with epilepsy not surprisingly will be... Read more

Anemia & Pregnancy

What is anaemia? Anaemia is a condition where the level of your haemoglobin in low. Anaemia is the most common medical... Read more

Excessive Vomitting in Pregnancy (Hyperemesis gravidarum)

What is hyperemesis gravidarum? How is it different from 'morning sickness'? This is a condition in pregnancy where there is... Read more

Cervical Incompetence

What is cervical incompetence? This is a condition where the cervix neck of the womb is softer and weaker than normal. As... Read more


What is breech? Breech means your baby is lying bottom first or feet first in the womb. Usually the head lies at the... Read more

Abnormalities of the uterus

What is a uterus? The uterus or the womb is a pear-shaped organ in the female pelvis. It is 7.5cm long 5 cm wide and 2.5cm... Read more


Written by: Dr Lim Pei Shan Lecturer and Clinical Specialist O& G PPUKM What is thalassaemia? Thalassaemia is an inborn... Read more
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