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And the winners are

Thank you everyone who entered Pitter Patter's Catching My Baby Dust Meme Contest We were blown away by many of your... Read more

Keeping Playtime Safe for Your Children

Never leave a child unattended This is the most important safety rule for playtime: Young children should never be left to... Read more

Childproofing Your Home : What Every Parent Should Know

Safe and sound Parents worry endlessly about how to protect their children from stranger abduction and violence but many... Read more

Nurturing a Healthy Eating Attitude in Children

Parents teach their children what to eat and how to eat but a healthy diet includes more than food. It s also about our... Read more

Creating a Spirit of Fun, Adventure and Excitement for the Family

By Dr. Goh Chee Leong Psychologist HELP University & Director of HELP International School PhD in Psychology ... Read more

From the Editor: Before it’s too late

As the saying goes prevention is better than cure. As mums our thoughts are often occupied with ways to keep our tots safe... Read more

The Surprising Health Benefits of Love

Love actually can make us healthier so much so that if you could bottle it you would have an incredible wonder drug a... Read more

How Exercise Improves Love Life

Testosterone or "T" is a powerful hormone produced naturally in both men and women. It's responsible for sexual arousal and... Read more

Caffeine and How It Can Affect Your Love Life

If you would rather wake up to Mr. Coffee than to your dearly beloved you re probably hooked on caffeine. Scientists have... Read more

Important! Please Read : Complying with PDPA: Protection of Personal Data

Dear Pitter Patter Moms and Dads Thank you for your support of Pitter Patter. Over the years we have enjoyed bringing you... Read more
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