Air Purifiers for Schools: For the Health of Our Students

Anyone who has a child or children attending school is aware of how many colds, flu’s and other illnesses seem to pass from one child to another in the classroom. Sometimes it really does seem like an endless cycle; just when your child seems to have gotten over a cold, another illness is making the rounds at the school. Obviously, these ailments are then brought home and shared with everyone in your household. It can be quite frustrating and can add up to a lot of missed days of school and work, reducing everyone’s productivity.
Parents are therefore constantly looking for ways to increase their children’s immune systems. Vitamins are given on a daily basis; hand sanitizers are increasingly ubiquitous sights in many classrooms around the world. Children are encouraged to make a habit of covering their mouths and noses when they cough or sneeze; if a child is exceptionally sick, they stay home in order to try and keep the others from catching it as well. Obviously, though, at that point the damage has surely already been done; the contagious period of most colds and flu’s is normally before any symptoms are even readily apparent.
Most classrooms are designed in the same general way: they are usually quite compact, and overcrowded conditions are the general rule in today’s busy world. Children often sit practically shoulder to shoulder, and ventilation in these places can be quite poor. Even if there are windows in the room, opening them does little to keep the air circulating and from becoming stagnant and riddled with a huge variety of contagious germs and other pollutants. What are today’s schools and teachers supposed to do to help lessen this aggravating problem?
One of the best and most efficient ways to help reduce the pesky indoor air pollutants that so plague many of today’s classrooms is TRUE HEPA air purifiers. A quality, top of the line or Premium TRUE HEPA air purifier can quietly and methodically filter the air in a classroom, pulling out bacteria, germs, pollens, dust and all other forms of airborne particulates that can compromise the health of students and teachers. These machines work amazingly well to not only help prevent the spread of many common colds and illnesses, but also to help lessen the symptoms of many chronic respiratory ailments suffered by so many people.
A TRUE HEPA air purifier can promote allergy and sinus relief for people who are unfortunate enough to suffer from those types of problems. Anyone who has ever been a student surely knows that there is at least one child in each class who has one or more of these types of respiratory problems. Their coughing, hacking and wheezing can alarm other students, and disrupt the classroom work as well. TRUE HEPA filter technology can make the air in the classroom clean and more easy to breathe for these types of kids, making the classroom a far more peaceful environment. In fact, well designed TRUE HEPA air purifiers are so quiet that you would never even suspect that one was at work at all. They are an unobtrusive and amazing way of providing clean, healthy air for students to breathe.
While there are many types of air purifiers on the market today (over 1000 models), it is important to find one for the classroom that utilizes all of the most modern and effective technologies available. That is why purchasing one from ALEN is so smart; all of the products supplied by ALEN are the absolute highest quality that you can find in the industry today. For the health of the students, it should be a priority to invest in a HEPA air purifier that will really make a difference in the classroom and by doing so, making learning that much easier and productive for everyone involved.
Many of the air purifiers offered by ALEN have the added benefit of a UV light which will eliminate bacteria which cause many different viruses and an Activated Carbon Filter to eliminate smells and odours.  Lastly, our classroom model offers unprecedented protection through a permanent Photo-Catalytic Oxidation (PCO) technology which guarantees removal of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s).  These phenomenal filters catch the gases and vapours that the TRUE HEPA and UV filter might let pass through. These dangerous gases and chemicals include carpet backing, wall coverings, particleboard used in cabinetry or finish work, and glues.
Some furnishings also constitute a source of VOCs. Formaldehyde is a common VOC found to emanate from construction materials. Another common VOC is acetone, a common ingredient in markers and personal-care products, which are often used in the classroom. Other VOCs, alcohols, and other materials can enter the classroom if the school district is not careful to permit the use of only certain, selected products in the classrooms.
Benzene is a VOC of special concern because it is a human carcinogen. Benzene is used in gasoline and other vehicle fuels, and is released into the ambient (outside) air as a component of engine exhaust or as a result of evaporation of fuels. Although there are no sources of benzene in classrooms, benzene may be drawn into classrooms by the ventilation systems. VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, which can really exacerbate many conditions and can be a huge cause of the dry sinuses, wheezing and coughing so commonly found in the classroom today.
By placing, for instance, an ALEN Air Purifier in the classroom – which uses TRUE HEPA, UV Light, PCO Technology and Activated Carbon Filter technology – students, teachers and parents should notice an almost immediate effect in the health of everyone.
The instances of seemingly endless lines of colds and flu’s should lessen considerably after putting a system in place by ALEN. Teachers will notice much healthier, more alert students as soon as a high quality TRUE HEPA Air Purifier is put to work in the classroom. Parents will be relieved by the reduction in sick days suffered by their children. Productivity will increase, and everyone will benefit from the clean, pure air provided by ALEN products.
We are looking to run a program which will assist in funding and education to Schools and their faculty along with the students and parents on the above need and wondered if we might get together and discuss what can be done to protect ourselves moving forward.  Just an FYI, ALEN is not only #1 in the USA but now #1 in Hong Kong.  We were the first to be Energy Star Qualified, RoHS Green Product Certified meaning Lead Free and Ozone Safe and the only Air Purifier in the world to offer a Lifetime Warranty.

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