Checklist for Things you Need at Home for the Arrival of the baby

Here is a list of things you may want to buy for your baby:
Baby’s clothes
Baby clothes (buy only a few as your baby will quickly outgrow it): 4-8 body suits, 4-8 rompers, 4-8 one suit pajamas, 1- 3 jumpers or sweater, 1- 3 dress up suits)
Diapers, Diaper cream and wipers
Baby socks, mitten and hat
Receiving and thick blanket
You could buy the baby’s diapers and toiletries in bulk to keep some in the storage for later on.
Bathing baby
Baby bath and thermometer
Baby shampoo, soap, sponge and flann
Baby brush, baby scissors, oil, talcum, lotion and cotton ball
Baby towel
Feeding baby
Breast pump
Nursing bras
Breast pads and nipple cream
Bottles at least 6 bottles with sterilizing equipment
Bottle brush
Bottle warmer
Infant formula milk
Bibs and burping towels
Tissues for you and hand disinfectant
Sleeping baby
Baby monitor
Basinet or crib
Pillows, Mattress and bumper pads
Sheet (get several as you may need to change it often)
Light blankets 
Car seat
Soft toys
Rocking chair, music CD to coo baby to sleep
Baby’s travelling bag

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