Coping Emotional During Your Fertility Treatment


Infertility could definitely affect your relationship with your partner. There could be feelings of loss, sadness, anger, emptiness or loneliness even blaming. In some marriages, this could lead to major argument and even divorce.

2.          How would the fertility treatment affect my relationship?
Even the fertility treatment could affect the dynamics of your relationship. The fact that you and your partner have decided to undergo fertility treatment it a good thing as it shows that you are able to face the fertility problems and start to do something about it. The ups and downs could cause moments of extra stress due to the uncertainties, high cost and side effects associated with the fertility treatment. Failure of the fertility treatment could cause even more strain between the couple.
3.         What could I do to help me go through the ups and downs during my fertility treatment?
  • Sit down and discuss with your partner the plan for the fertility treatment.
  • Meet up with a psychological counselor
  • Turn to your religious belief or faith for extra strength to get through this
  • Consider financial assistance to assist with the financial burden of the fertility treatment
  • Consider other family building option if the fertility treatment fails such as adoption.
  • Consult your closer friends or family to confide in
  • Build a circle of friends who have are undergoing the same situation. You could join a support group or forum.
  • Read up about the how other women went through this difficult times and their fertility treatment
  • Take time to relax and focus
  • Exercise or even do yoga
  • Consider alternative therapy to improve your fertility treatment
4.         When should I seek help from psychological counseling?
You should consider psychological counseling if you noticed the following:
  • Strained relationship with others such as your partner, colleagues, family and friends.
  • Feelings of stressed or anxiety
  • Obsession with your infertility and fertility treatment
  • Dependence on usage of alcohol or drugs
  • Changes in sleep patterns
  • Loss of interest in the normal activities that you usually enjoyed
  • Thoughts of self harm or suicide
Eventhough, you have no symptoms that is mentioned above, you and your partner could still go and seek counselling as fertility treatment is known to cause a great amount of stress.

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