From the Editor : Its All About Infertility

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I believe it is still not too late to wish all daddies out there a glorious Happy Father’s Day! Hope you have had a blessed and funfilled day with your loved ones!

We are back with another great issue, and in conjunction with World Infertility Awareness Month 2016, we will be discussing all things fertility. First we shall look at what is endometriosis; a common yet not often discussed condition amongst women. Did you know that endometriosis can also be the cause of infertility in women? In the article, you will be able to learn more on not just the condition itself but how to treat it in order to increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Infertility is not just an issue that affects women. It can also be a problem for men. Therefore, in this issue we also look at how better nutrition habits can improve male fertility. Speaking of a healthier lifestyle, there has been a an ongoing debate on whether exercise is good or bad for fertility. Therefore, we shall also be exploring this issue further with great tips on which exercise to do or avoid if you are trying to conceive.  Finally, we will look at one of the most important overall aspects of conceiving; time. In this article, our expert discuss ovulation and how to effectively track it.

Beyond that, we are excited to announce that our mega popular programme Empowering Pregnancy 3 will be back this 4th September 2016 (Sunday) at Connexion@Nexus, Bangsar South. More details on that on our website and Facebook page. We hope you will find the info useful as we were certainly excited in putting this issue together. See you in the next edition Mums and Dads!

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Enamoured couple finding out results of a pregnancy test

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