Mummy’s Secret 3

mummy secret 3


Announcing the arrival of our new Mummy Secret 3 booklet. This comprehensive guide to a healthy pregnancy comprises of 57 interesting topics by famous obstetricians & gynaecologists and paediatricians in Malaysia. The topics are:

  1. Getting Pregnant
  2. How do I Increase My Chance of Getting Pregnant
  3. Pregnancy, Most Beautiful Days of Your Life!
  4. During Pregnancy: Key Prenatal Nutrients
  5. Eating for Two
  6. Setting the Foundation for Superior Learning
  7. Food to Avoid During Pregnancy
  8. Am I Pregnant?
  9. What Happens at Antenatal Checkups
  10. Understanding the Blood Tests You Need During Pregnancy
  11. The Value of Ultrasound in Pregnancy
  12. Tests to Detect Abnormalities in My Baby
  13. Down’s Syndrome
  14. Vaccination During Pregnancy
  15. Chicken Pox in Pregnancy
  16. Booking for an Antenatal Class
  17. Travelling During Pregnancy
  18. Pregnancy and Exercise: The Myths and Facts
  19. Intimate Contact During Pregnancy
  20. Vaginal Discharge in Pregnancy
  21. Diabetes in Pregnancy
  22. High Blood Pressure in Pregnancy
  23. Placenta Praevia
  24. Breech
  25. Thalassaemia
  26. Psychology and Pregnancy
  27. Anaemia in Pregnancy
  28. Twin Pregnancy
  29. Preterm Labour
  30. Vaginal Candidiases in Pregnancy
  31. Urinary Tract Infection In Pregnancy
  32. Cord Blood Banking
  33. Ovarian Cysts and Fibroids in Pregnancy
  34. Getting Ready for the Big Day
  35. Stages of Labour
  36. Coping with Labour Pain
  37. Instrumental Delivery
  38. Caesarean Section
  39. OMG! We’re Having a Baby!
  40. Assembling A Layett
  41. What to Bring to the Hospital When You are in Labour
  42. Post Natal Care
  43. Cervical Cancer Screening
  44. Sex & Contraception
  45. Looking After Yourself After the Baby is Born
  46. Post Natal Baby Blues
  47. In Need of a Confinement Expert?
  48. A Distinctive Gift of Love
  49. Full Moon or ‘Mun Yuet’ Celebration
  50. Post Pregnancy & Slimming Myths & Facts
  51. How can Midwives Help Ensure a Safe Post-Labour Journey for You & Your Baby
  52. Traditional Pre & Post Natal Treatments for Mummies
  53. Deadly Diseases
  54. Sleep Challenges in Babies
  55. Clean Air During Your Child’s Essential Years
  56. Coping with Crying Babies
  57. G6PD Deficiency.


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