From the Editor : The Safety Edition

Hey everyone,

We hope you have had a great few months. Welcome to another great edition of the Pitter Patter Newsletter. I think it is still not too late for me to wish our Muslim readers a Selamat Hari Raya. Hope you are still in the festive mood, enjoying Open Houses and the yummy ketupat, rendang and lemang.

Most families would have all gone back to and returned from their hometowns by now from the Raya break. During these times of traveling I bet safety is in your list of top priorities. Be it safety of your home as you leave it for the holidays or safety on the road and keeping your children safe in unfamiliar environments as you go out and visit friends and families. Now that you are home and have returned to regular schedule, that doesn’t have to change, we should all continue making safety our priority.

In this newsletter, we hope to help you do just that. We have some great tips on everything you need to know when childproofing your home. We also discussed food hygiene and safety tips when preparing food for your infant child or toddler. Next we also look at how you can keep your kid’s playtime fun while still ensuring their safety and health. Yes.. it is possible to do both moms and dads!

Finally, we have an article on the first aid that you can perform at home in cases of emergency should there not be a medical response team available near you.

So we hope this will be another great read for you. Do tune in for more regular content updates from us.

Speak soon and stay safe everyone!


Your Pitter Patter Editor

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