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kids and technologyAnd… we are back after the recent round of excitements, holidays and festivities. We hope that you and your family are in the best of health, following the recent rounds of trips, food galore and visiting with friends and relatives alike for Hari Raya

We are sure that most of you have already returned to your normal routine. And what better way to resume your daily tasks than to keep yourself informed and up-to-speed with the latest content from us?

Speaking of keeping up to speed, we are all dependent on technology at one point or another in our lives to do just that. In the 21st century, it won’t be a far stretch to say that most of us are slaves to it. Thus it is no surprise to see that the debate about the impact of technology in our lives has been a long and ongoing one. Most of us have breathed a sigh of relieve at the fact that to ‘Google’ something for urgent information just take mere minutes on our smartphones, while others wax lyrical about GPS technology that prevent us from getting lost as we venture into new areas and territories.

Nevertheless, there are also a lot of opinion and evidence which points to the fact that being technologically dependent has made us less social, less intelligent and to a certain extent less healthy. In fact, it has come to a point that there are some serious long term health repercussions from leading sedentary lifestyles borne out of technology dependence.

But what if we change that? What if we can use technology to enhance our physical, mental and emotional health instead? This issue, therefore, we will be looking at all things technology; more specifically, how technology has and can help shape not only our lives but also our health and fitness overall.

For example, video games are the bane of every parent’s existence as it makes them worry about their children not spending enough time studying and not playing outdoors. But did you know that to mitigate this, game developers have come up with ‘Exergaming’? Beyond this, now it is easier to develop a fitness and diet plan to reach your goal with a wide range of apps designed for your fitness and nutrition, available for free with your smartphones and tablets. Thus, we shall also be looking at some of these top applications.

Also, ever wondered about what is next for the ever advancing world of medical technology? We may not have fully computerised holographic doctors just yet or even a fully robotic nurse for that matter, but check out some of these medical innovations that are coming your way soon.

Finally, as we are sure you have noticed when visiting relatives during Hari Raya, at the mall or even at home between your own children; most kids nowadays are very apt at using smart devices for a host of things. The question that arises therefore is how do you ensure that such usage is enough to stimulate mental development while not being overly excessive to the point of causing addiction? Here, we will also explore some tips that parents can adopt with their children when it comes to technology use at home.

We hope you will enjoy this week’s edition. If you have any questions do drop us a line at [email protected]. Alternatively do keep an eye out for more exciting content, events and activities at our Facebook page and website.

Have a nice week moms and dads. See you with our Merdeka issue soon.



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