From the Editor : Welcome to the Do-it-Yourself Edition

Hi there Moms and Dads!

DIYIt’s the end of October and there are two months left to the year! We hope the year has been great to you and your children so far.

The Prime Minister just announced the Budget 2014 recently and the most talked about thing is of course the soon to be introduced Goods & Services Tax (GST). There is no denying that with the GST, prices of goods will increase and with that there will be a greater need for you to be prudent with your finances. Realising this, we decided to make this edition of the Pitter Patter newsletter our “Do-it-Yourself” (DIY) edition where you can try your hands at creating different things for yourself and your baby at a fraction of the cost you would pay otherwise.

To start things off, we shall be talking about the DIY exercise for busy mommies, bootcamp style. Who says you need to sign up and pay hundreds of ringgit every month for a professional exercise training programme to get fit? Just follow these simple steps and you can achieve the same results within the comfort of your home.

Next we will also share some tips on things to consider when making your own homemade baby food.  Not only is this cheaper its also healthier for your child in the long run. Next, we have some great tips on preparing the first aid kit at home for you and your baby.  This way, in case of a medical emergency at home, you will always be prepared!

Finally, beyond food and first aid, we will also share some great tips on how you can make your own toys and activities for your toddlers. Not only are these cost effective, they are also great learning and development tools for your children.

So there you have it. We hope that the articles in this issue will be useful for you in the coming year!

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Have a great week moms and dads!
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