From the Editor : What’s Your Parenting Style?

Hey everyone,

We are back after a bit of a hiatus, all recharged and refreshed to face the rest of the year. So how’s everybody’s 2016 been so far? At Pitter Patter, other than being a little bummed out about the recent spate of celebrity deaths (yes… if it needs to be said.. we are huge fans of David Bowie and Prince), we were off to a rather spectacular year. Not to mention, we are busy preparing for a brand new Empowering Pregnancy workshop…back after more than a year.

Before we divulge anymore details about the new event, we would like to get back into the swing of things with this issue where we examine What’s Your Parenting Style and look at how these different parenting styles impact your children’s’ development. First we take you through the different types of parenting styles and what they mean. Next we explore the new yet often heard term “helicopter parenting” and discuss how you can prevent yourself from becoming a helicopter parent. Following this, we also have an article on how parenting styles at mealtimes can affect childhood nutrition and your child’s long term feelings about food well into adulthood. Last but not least, we take a look at the benefits of outdoor play and why this is important to your role as parents.

As always, we hope you enjoy the read. We sure as heck enjoyed putting it together as it is great to be back and interacting with all of you again! Do keep your eyes on our Facebook page for the announcement on our website soon.

See you soon Mums and Dads!

Your Pitter Patter Editor

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