Getting pregnant again after a stillbirth

How soon can I get pregnant again after a stillbirth?

It may be difficult emotionally to try to conceive after a stillbirth. However, you may attempt to get pregnant after approximately 3 months after your miscarriage as by that time your period has already get back to the normal cycle and the lining of your womb has recovered especially if you had a D&C.

When should I seek medical help prior to trying to conceiving again?

You should consider seeing an O&G specialist if:
  • You are above 35 years old
  • Have difficulty conceiving
  • Have 2 or more miscarriages previously
  • Have other medical condition that may affect your pregnancy

How would I feel with this next pregnancy?

This may vary from one individual to another as you may still feel sad and are grieving from the previous stillbirth. However, the following steps may help you:
    • Seek medical help or counseling if you find that you and your partner are not coping well from the previous stillbirth.
    • Have an early antenatal check up with an ultrasound as soon as you know you are pregnant.
    • Have more frequent antenatal monitoring.
    • You may want to discuss with your doctor regarding having an earlier elective delivery compared to your previous pregnancy when you found out you had the stillbirth.


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