How do I prepare for pregnancy?

Why should I prepare for a pregnancy?

More than 50% of pregnancy is unplanned. However, there are many benefits of planning for a pregnancy. This includes:

  • Being prepared physically, emotionally and financially for the baby.
  • You and your partner will be happier during the pregnancy as you are both prepared.
  • Tend to have a healthier pregnancy and baby as your have prepared your body in advanced.

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Check list prior to getting pregnant:

a) Are you and your partner prepared emotionally to have a baby?
b) Are you prepared in terms of health to have a baby?
Do you have a known medical illness, any inherited family disorders, overweight, smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol or taking regular medication? Then, you may need to have a pre-conception counseling with your doctor.
c) Are you prepared financially to have a baby?
Have you work out additional budget required for the baby?
Have you have enough medical insurance to cover for the delivery?
Find out about the policy at your workplace regarding maternity leave and possible part time work after the delivery of your baby.
d) Have you started taking prenatal vitamin (containing folic acid)?
Prenatal vitamin containing folic acid should be taken at least 3 months prior to conceiving.
e) Stop smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol.
Cigarette smoking and alcohol are dangerous for your pregnancy and your growing baby. Please refer to our Article on Smoking in Pregnancy. and Alcohol in pregnancy.
f) Aim to achieve your ideal weight, exercise regularly and eat a healthy, balanced diet.
g) When should you stop your contraception?
Ideally you should stop your contraception as soon as you are ready to get pregnant

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