How to take care of my wound?

Do I have to take out the stitches?
The stitches used are either dissolvable or will be removed on the 5-7 days after the operation. The type of stitches used depends on the surgeon.
How do I take care of my wound?

It is important that you keep your wound dry throughout the initial few days of the operation. In some circumstance, especially if you suffer from diabetes mellitus during pregnancy, there is a higher chance of infection to the wound. In this scenario, your wound may become swollen and painful and a discharge may sometimes be seen. However, this usually settles with a course of antibiotics.
Will the stitches come apart if I laugh or cough too much?
Don’t worry, the stitches used to close your tummy are usually strong enough to withstand your laughters and coughs
Can I carry my baby if I have a Caesarean Section and will that cause the stitches to come apart?
Don’t worry, the stitches used are generally strong enough and you can carry your baby once you feel comfortable to do so. However, we generally recomend that you do not carry heavy loads within the first 6-8 weeks after Caesarean Section to prevent complications such as hernias.




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