Post Operative Recovery


When can I resume normal activities after a Caesarean section?

In the absence of complications, many women feel well enough to return to normal activities from 3-6 weeks after the operation. It is normal to feel tired and soreness of the tummy for the initial 1-2 weeks.
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Can I drive after a Caesarean section?

It is important to note that you should not drive for 4-6 weeks. Do check with your insurance company with regards to this matter as your policy may not cover road traffic accidents should you drive within this period of time.
When can I have sex after a Caesarean section?

There is generally no rigid rules about how long you must wait to have sex with your partner. Usually your tummy may be sore for 1-3 weeks after the Caesarean section and that may pose some difficulties for sexual intercourse. The lochia, which is the small amount of vaginal bleeding may persist up to one month post delivery and making having sex a bit difficult. However, it is important that you  and your partner communicate with each other regarding this issue. Choose to have sex when you feel ready and comfortable about it.
When can I have another pregnancy?
Again, there is no hard and fast rules regarding this but generally the Obstetricians would recommend that you take a break for 1-2 years. Studies has shown that the risk of your scar coming apart (scar dehesciences) in subsequent pregnancy is slightly higher if your next delivery is within 18 months of your Caesarean section

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