Healthy Pregnancy

Preparing for the Big Day

Staying Healthy in Pregnancy

Understanding Prenatal Vitamins & Nutrition

What should I eat to prepare for pregnancy? You should eat a balanced and healthy diet which include food rich in proteins... Read more

Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

What food should I avoid in pregnancy? You should eat a balanced and healthy diet during pregnancy. However there are... Read more

Skin Care During Pregnancy

What are the common skin changes that occur in pregnancy and is there anything I could do about it? There are several... Read more

Vaccination During Pregnancy

A vaccine is a product derived from an inactive or weakened micro-organism its toxins or a component of it. It is... Read more

Travelling In Pregnancy

Just because you are pregnant does not necessarily means you need to stay put at home Provided that you have discussed with... Read more

Sex In Pregnancy

Sexuality is inherent in everyone. It is fundamental to human existence. Apart from reproduction it is an important... Read more

Exercise In Pregnancy

Can I exercise in pregnancy? Yes you should provided you are doing exercises that are suitable during pregnancy and your... Read more

Diet In Pregnancy

What should I eat during pregnancy? You should eat a healthy balanced diet during pregnancy. This includes: 6 11... Read more

Eating for Two

Proffessor Jamiyah Hassan Senior Consultant OBGYN Universiti Malaya Medical Centre Pregnant women need to eat for two. Myth... Read more
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