Staying Healthy in Pregnancy

Pregnancy & Exercise: The Myths and the Facts

Times have certainly changed. Pregnancy used to be a time when the expectant mum was told to put her feet up eat enough for... Read more

Stages of Pregnancy

Dr Helena Lim shared with us the various stages of pregnancy in this special video: http: Read more

Top 10 Tips to a Happy Pregnancy

Every woman wants to have a happy healthy pregnancy. Start now to help ensure that yours will be the best it can be Tip... Read more

10 Must-Have Apps for a Healthy Pregnancy

Now that you're pregnant your health is doubly important--you're taking care of two now. Keep safety rules straight find... Read more

Top 10 Mental Health Benefits of Exercise

Many people exercise to get a better figure or to enjoy good physical health. But did you know that exercise has... Read more

DADDY TIPS 101: Managing Your Wife’s Pregnancy Hormones

Ever wondered why your wife could be the sweet demure woman you marry in one instant and a monster scarier than The Hulk in... Read more

Understanding Hypertension and Pregnancy

What is hypertension? Can I have it in pregnancy? Hypertensive disorders in pregnancy are a major cause of maternal ... Read more

Wacky Pregnancy Cravings : What Your Doctor Never Told You

Ever felt like you wanted nasi lemak and chocolate chip cookies together? Ever felt surprised by your urge to eat jeruk and... Read more

Getting Fit During Pregnancy : What You Need to Know

There was a myth that has been going on for years in regards to pregnant women. If you are pregnant you should 1 eat as... Read more

Vaginal Candidiasis

Vaginal Candidiasis By Dr Lim Lei Jun Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist MBBS Manipal India MRCOG UK Sunway... Read more
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