Recovery After a Caesarean Section

If you have a general anaesthetic, you will be woken in the operating theatre after the operation is finished. You will then be transferred to the recovery room and regularly checked by the midwives or nurses. You will return to the ward once you have sufficiently recovered from anaesthesia.


If you have an epidural, the epidural tubing will remain in place and the pain killers can be administered through it to keep you comfortable. You may require injection to relief the post-operative pain if you have a spinal anaesthesia. However, most women find that oral pain killers are usually adequate to relief the pain after Caesarean section.
Your progress will be checked by a midwife everyday for the first few days. It is often possible to start eating and drinking on the first day and remove the drip and catheter by the first few days.
If there have not been any complications, most women are able to go home within 2-3 days after their Caesarean section.

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