Surviving emotionally after your baby’s death

What should I expect physically after having a stillbirth?

It could take a few days to several weeks or years for you to recover physically and emotionally after suffering a stillbirth. You may experience the following after delivery:
  • Mild lower abdominal cramping.
  • Vaginal bleeding that should not be too heavy or prolonged.
  • You periods may return within the next 3 – 6 weeks.
  • Breast discomfort, engorgement or leaking milk. This should settle down soon.

When could I return to my normal activities?

Avoid strenuous activities in the next 24 – 48 hours following your delivery. You could return to your normal daily activities within the next few days.

How do I prevent an infection following a stilbirth especially if I had a D&C done?

  • Avoid wearing a tampon, instead wear a sanitary pad
  • Avoid sexual intercourse at least 2 weeks following your miscarriage.
  • Do not douche
  • Take showers instead of hot bath

How do I cope emotionally after my stillbirth?

Recovering emotionally from a stillbirth may take even longer than recovering physically. Different women may react and cope differently. You may feel anger, confused, have difficulty sleeping or concentrating. There may be even marital disharmony between a couple as each may react differently too. A man may grief differently from a woman.
Here are several ways to may help you cope after a stillbirth:
  • Talk and letting out your emotions with those you are close to may help you
  • Take time to heal and grief
  • Join a support group which be even online to learn how other women and couples deal with their loss
  • Discuss with your partner, seek support and accept that he may deal or react to the stillbirth differently.
  • Read up a book on how others have cope and gone through the same things that you are now.
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