week 5

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What is happening to my Baby?

Your baby is now called an embryo. It is slowly forming the different layers that will develop into different parts of your baby’s body. Your baby’s brain and spinal cord are slowly beginning to form. Your baby is now only about 1.25mm long.
What is happening to me?
You may be wondering whether you are pregnant or not as your menses maybe overdue. There may be symptoms of early pregnancy such as breast tenderness, tendency to urinate more often and tiredness.
What should I plan this week?
  •  Confirming your pregnancy by doing a urine pregnancy test (UPT).

Home pregnancy test measures the level of a pregnancy hormone called hCG (Human chorionic gonadotrophin) in your urine. Occasionally, the UPT could be negative if the pregnancy is still very early. You could ask your doctor to do a blood test to check the hCG level which could detect even low levels of pregnancy hormone to confirm the pregnancy.

  •  See your doctor to confirm the pregnancy.

Your doctor my do either a urine pregnancy test or perform an ultrasound. At five weeks, you could probably see a gestational sac only.

Tips of the week
  • Start taking folic acid
  • Start taking prenatal vitamin supplements.
  • Stop smoking and drinking alcohol
  • Stop or reduce caffeine intake
  • Eat a healthy balance diet
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