week 7

pregnant woman lying in bedroom

What is happening to my Baby?

All of your baby’s important organs have began to form. The baby’s hair, nipples, eyelids and tongue are starting to grow at this stage. You could also see your baby’s arms and legs forming. At this stage, your baby is about 4-5mm in length.
What is happening to me?
Your body will continue to change due to the increased pregnancy hormones that is required to sustain your pregnancy. You could either have an increased in weight or losing weight. Do no worry if there is weight loss initially. Apart from the other symptoms that occur during early pregnancy, you may notice changes in your breasts. It becomes more tender, sensitive to touch and increases in size. You may need to consider changing your bras. In addition, the skin around your nipples may get darker and there may be several tiny bumps on it (Montgomery tubercles) Do not worry, all this changes are normal.
What should I plan this week?
  • Start thinking about choosing your obstetrician or hospital to deliver your baby. Discuss with your partner which prenatal appointments he would like to attend with you.
  • Buying maternity bras
Tips of the week
Coping with your breast changes:
  • Do not use underwire bras as this could cause more pain to your breasts
  • Buy comfortable cotton maternity bras to support your breasts and back
  • Try out cotton sports bras which could be actually more comfortable
  • You could try taking a warm shower to reduce the uncomfortable feelings associated with your enlarging breasts
  • Avoid using soap on your nipples as it could dry out the area. Just use warm water.
  • Wear suitable sports bras during exercise
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