week 9



What is happening to my Baby?

Your baby is now looking like a small adult. It is fully formed and his fused eye lids is closing the eyes. It will open again after 28 weeks. The baby’s joints are working and your baby is freely moving within the amniotic sac. He could now suck on his thumbs! At this stage your baby is about the size of a grape.
What is happening to me?
Your physical appearance may have not changed much. However, you may still have the early pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness and breast tenderness. In addition, you may start to feel bloated and there are increased episodes of heart burn. Read the following tips on how to deal with heart burn.
What should I plan this week?
  • See your doctor to discuss about taking antenatal supplements. You must eat a healthy and balanced diet. However, taking taking the antenatal supplements will help provide you with any deficiency that you may have from your diet. Some women may experience nausea when taking the supplement. One tip is to take it at night before going to bed or with meals.
Tips of the week
Tips on how to deal with heart burn during pregnancy:
  • Eat five smaller meals instead of three larger meals
  • Avoid lying down immediately after having meals. Wait at least 3 hours before going off to bed at night.
  • Avoid spicy oily foods
  • Avoid certain trigger food such as chocolate, caffeine, tomato based juices, vinegar or minty foods. Keep a food diary to note which food trigger your heart burn
  • If the heart burn occurs at night, sleep with your head propped up with pillows or elevate the head of your bed. This keeps your acid in your stomach instead of going up into your esophagus
  • You could ask your doctor to prescribe you some medication. Over the counter drugs such as Mylanta and Gaviscon could help relieve your heart burn. Ask your doctor first before taking any of this medication.
Health matters
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