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Checklist for your baby shower

8 weeks before baby shower: Decide who will organize the baby shower - best friends party planner. Delegate the... Read more

What to bring to hospital when you are in labour

Here is a list of things you may want to bring when you go to hospital in labour. You probably should prepare this about 2 ... Read more

What to buy?

Here is a list of things you may want to buy for your baby: Baby s clothes Baby clothes buy only a few as your baby will... Read more

Stay-at-Home Mums: Understanding and meeting the challenges

Written in collaboration with my wife Pei Shee a proud stay at home mum What are the challenges and scarifies of a stay... Read more

Challenges of Being a Father in the 21st Century

1. What are the challenges of being a father in the 21st century compare to the old days? In the old days... Read more

Bringing out the Genius in Your Child

1. What is a definition of a genius? It is rather difficult to define genius because it may be very subjective.... Read more

How do you teach children to lose without losing a wobbly?

Winning and losing are very much part of life and as such it is important that we teach our children to win and lose... Read more

Raising a Money Savvy Child

1 Why do we need to instill the value of money to our children? Many children do not understand the value of money. Their... Read more

Parenthood, the most demanding job of all

Let us take a moment and give a big applause to all parents out there. The ones who actually do their best every day to take... Read more

Choosing a Kindergarten

It is time of the year again for anxious parents to scout for suitable kindergarten for the little ones. There are many... Read more
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