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Parenting just like any other skill in life takes practice. The misconception among parents out there especially mummies is that there are 'natural mummies' and those who don't consider themselves to be one of them may often feel like they're not cut out for the job. This may be a big blow to your confidence in handling challenging moments. In this issue we hear from experts about how... Read more

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Parenting Joy E-book is out!!!

Announcing the arrival of Parenting Joy E-book. This comprehensive guide to a new approach to modern parenting comprises... Read more
mummy secret 3

Mummy’s Secret 3

Announcing the arrival of our new Mummy Secret 3 booklet. This comprehensive guide to a healthy pregnancy comprises of 57... Read more
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Join us to Stand Up Speak Up and Unite in the fight against Endometriosis. JOIN PITTER PATTER'S OWN SPEAKERS AS THEY... Read more
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The practice of loving our children

Love is the foundation on which every practice of good parenting is built. There is no denying that all facets of... Read more

Understanding why babies cry

Everyone knows that babies cry. However a baby s cries can cause anxiety stress frustration anger a sense of guilt or... Read more