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Enamoured couple finding out results of a pregnancy test
Hello and welcome back Mums and Dads I believe it is still not too late to wish all daddies out there a glorious Happy Father's Day Hope you have had a blessed and funfilled day with your loved ones We are back with another great issue and in conjunction with World Infertility Awareness Month 2016 we will be discussing all things fertility. First we shall look at what is endometriosis a... Read more

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Launch: Catching My Baby Dust

Join us on Thursday Oct 6 2016 at 10:30 am at MPH Nu Sentral as we launch Pitter Patter's newest book "Catching my baby... Read more
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Empowering Pregnancy 3

Empowering Pregnancy is back Bigger and better than ever Come mingle share and explore fabulous pregnancy tips as we... Read more
OL_Catching My Baby Dust Cover FINAL_DrHelena-01

Catching My Baby Dust

Having a baby is the dream of many couples. For some getting pregnancy is as easy as ABC. However as many as 1 in 6... Read more

Parenting Joy E-book is out!!!

Announcing the arrival of Parenting Joy E-book. This comprehensive guide to a new approach to modern parenting comprises... Read more
mummy secret 3

Mummy’s Secret 3

Announcing the arrival of our new Mummy Secret 3 booklet. This comprehensive guide to a healthy pregnancy comprises of 57... Read more
exercise and fertility

Is Exercise Good or Bad for Fertility?

So you want to have a baby? I bet you have been thinking about eating a healthier diet and beginning an exercise routine.... Read more