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Hey everyone It's almost the end of May and its been quite busy for us at Pitter Patter as we put various things in place for our upcoming projects and activities..want to know what they are? Stay tuned I am quite sure you are not that keen to hear my incessant ramblings so lets get to it. In this issue we will be talking about everything you need to know about those teeny weeny cutesy bundle... Read more

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Parenting Joy E-book is out!!!

Announcing the arrival of Parenting Joy E-book. This comprehensive guide to a new approach to modern parenting comprises... Read more
mummy secret 3

Mummy’s Secret 3

Announcing the arrival of our new Mummy Secret 3 booklet. This comprehensive guide to a healthy pregnancy comprises of 57... Read more
colic baby 2

Understanding Colic and Your Baby

By : Dr. Khoo Boo Aik Consultant Paediatrician and Neonatologist Sunway Medical Centre MD UKM MRCPCH UK AM MAL ... Read more
ftt 2

Preventing a Failure to Thrive in Children

By Dr. Ng Ruey Terng Consultant Paediatrician University of Malaya Medical Centre UMMC M.D. UPM MRCPCH UK Master... Read more
children nutrition 4

Nurturing a Healthy Eating Attitude in Children

Parents teach their children what to eat and how to eat but a healthy diet includes more than food. It s also about our... Read more