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Contraceptive Patch

1. What is a contraceptive patch? It is a birth control method consisting of a patch applied to the skin... Read more


1. What is Depo-provera? It is a birth control method which is given as an intramuscular injection 3... Read more

Vaginal Ring

1. What is a vaginal ring? Vaginal ring is a type of hormonal contraception which consists of a flexible ... Read more

Hormonal Implants

1. What is a hormonal implant? It is a form of hormonal contraception in which a small flexible rod ... Read more

Progesterone Only Pills

1. What is a progesterone only pill POP ? It is a type of birth control pill that contains only the... Read more

Combined Oral Contraceptive Pills

1. What is the pill? What is COCP? The pill is a birth control method consisting of synthetic hormones... Read more


1. What is spermicide? Spermicide is a type of contraception that usually comes in the form of jelly foam or cream. It... Read more

Cervical Cap & Diaphragm

1. What is cervical cap and diaphragm? How does it work to prevent pregnancy? Cervical cap and diaphragm are barrier... Read more

Male & Female Condom

1. What are male condoms? Male condom are sheaths that cover the erect penis during sexual intercourse. It... Read more

What is New in Contraception?

Options of contraception for the today s modern women have broadened in order to adept to the hectic modern women s... Read more
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