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week 25

What is happening to my baby? Your baby s brain is gradually developing forming connection between the nerve cells and... Read more

Yeast Infections

A condition that afflicts 75 percent of women at least once during their lives yeast infections are a common annoyance to... Read more

week 26

What is happening to my baby? Your baby s organs start to mature. As your baby s brain begins to develop the ear nerves... Read more

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) in Pregnancy

Dr. Premitha Damodaran Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist MBBS MMED Obst & Gynae Pantai Hospital Kuala... Read more

Having Twins

Having twins isn't all The Parent Trap cracks it up to be. Long have twins been objects of scrutiny and interest but as the... Read more

week 27

What is happening to my baby? Your baby s eyelids which have been fused previously may start to open this week. The retina... Read more

Ovarian Cysts And Fibroids In Pregnancy

OVARIAN CYSTS AND FIBROIDS IN PREGNANCY by Associate Prof. Dr. Eugene WK Leong. MBBS Malaya MRCOG UK FRCOG UK ... Read more

week 28

What is happening to my baby? The amount of tissue of your baby is increasing. Your baby s hair eye lashes and eye brows... Read more

week 29

What is happening to my baby? Your baby is rapidly gaining week doubling his or her weight over the last 5 weeks. A lot of... Read more

week 30

What is happening to my baby? Your baby now measures approximately 27cm and weighs 1.2 - 1.4kg. He or she now occupy most of... Read more
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